Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Creativity, Collaboration and Crow Scaring

The Green LIONS Garden Group welcomed the changing of the season with a little scarecrow building contest at our last meeting. But first we tended the garden with all students completing their garden tasks. We divide our group of 30 into various garden task groups at each meeting. We have waterers, bug detectives, weeders, a grounds cleaning crew, samplers who measure growth, and four students in charge of our art caddies that contain all our writing and color pencils, as well as rulers and magnifying glasses. We rotate through the tasks each meeting and so far it has worked well, teaching responsibility and stressing that no task is less or more important than another.

And then on to the scarecrows! We divided up into three teams and with the help of parents and teachers the students created a head, drew a face, chose from donated clothing and stuffed the scarecrows full of hay. All of this took quite a bit of cooperation, teamwork and creativity, and the kids had a great time.

When all the scarecrows were completed and standing at their posts the students voted on their favorite other than the one they worked on. The jacket-wearing scarecrow one first prize! Perhaps he looked more dignified in his jacket. Visit the garden to see our festive scarecrows and our rapidly growing tatsoi and kale. And stop to smell the scent of Fall in the air.

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