Saturday, November 9, 2013

High Trashion

Do you hear the rustle of bubble wrap on the red carpet? Do you see the pop of color from the paint splattered duct tape and geometric details of a newspaper hat? No you’re not imagining things, it’s a Trashion Show!

Students from the Green LIONS Garden Group held a Trashion show at our last gathering of clothing and costumes created from trash and recyclables. After dividing up into teams and receiving a grab bag of trash, a frenzy ensued of measuring, trying on, draping, drawing, collaborating, smiling and laughing. The teams were separated during the creation process and it was so amazing to see how four completely different concepts evolved out of otherwise-thought-of disposable items.

“How does this help the garden?”, one student appropriately asked. Well, technically it may not. But in this program we are trying to help students see the complete picture of viewing our life on this planet. We want them to think before throwing an item out. While we are not trying to encourage a group of pack rats, we are challenging them to gain a new perspective on “re-purposing”. Can I reuse that gift bag, or mail something again in this box? Can this container be used as an interesting planter for salad greens instead of being tossed to the curb? Can a cereal box be made into a homemade journal with some paper and string? Can empty paper towel and toilet paper rolls be saved for craft projects? Can holiday cards be made into garland or gift tags for next year? Reducing our waste does help protect our water supply and reduce chemicals in our soil. So, well, this project does help!

So enough suspense. Here are our Trashion designers and models!

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