Sunday, December 1, 2013

Festive Fruitive

We were so excited to welcome Bruce Rozeboom from Fruitive at our last Green LIONS Garden Group meeting! Bruce and his brother own Fruitive together where they serve fresh smoothies, cold-pressed juices, made-to-order vegetable-loaded salads and soups with their own homemade broth. Fruitive also is a huge supporter of local farms. He especially supports our very own garden program farmer/mentor John Wilson of New Earth Farm in serving up his delicious greens and vegetables.

Bruce taught the students about eating healthy foods that fill you with energy and vitality, not foods that slow you down and make you feel sluggish. He illustrated the example of the damaging effects of sugar by getting the students on their feet jumping and dancing as if they had just eaten a lot of white sugar. He then divided up the group into those who represented the “sugar-loaded” and those who represented kids who eat a healthy diet. He challenged them to a tug-of-war, and yes, you guessed it, the tired sugar-eaters lost.

Bruce whipped up delicious smoothies made from organic frozen strawberries and peaches, organic bananas, organic almond milk, organic maple syrup and kale and chard from our very own LIONS Garden. The students gulped them down asking for seconds. They never knew greens could taste
so good!

Bruce connected all the dots with his discussion of healthy eating, supporting our local farmers and producers, and protecting the environment in our choices and actions. He’s an engaging and entertaining speaker and we appreciate his visit greatly. You can find him and his brother at Fruitive at Hilltop. Stop by on the way home for school for a delicious treat!

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