Monday, January 12, 2015

End of Year in Pictures

As we transition on the calendar from 2014 to 2015 the garden program also transitions from a growing season to a winter slumber. As our activity in the garden lessens we turn inside to different subjects and activities. These lessons help to round out our program curriculum. While learning to grow food and tend plants are important skills in themselves, our program strives to go a step further and encourage students to think of each decision they may throughout the day in their lifestyles. Can they choose to care for the earth throughout the day? What they choose to wear; what they choose to eat; where they choose to buy their family’s food; what they choose to bring into their home; how they choose to dispose of their waste and can they reduce it all together. These are many of the avenues we choose to go down, but they are all connected when we take a broader look at how we live on this planet.

Enjoy our “end of year” pictures. We sold many of our vegetables at vegetable sales, we were excited to welcome a miniature garden designer and a farmer/soap maker, and we celebrated the winter solstice by making edible ornaments for our garden visitors. More importantly, we entered 2015 with shining hope of a bountiful Spring harvest to come.

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