Monday, May 4, 2015

Chemical-Free Garden, Chemical-Free Us

One of the greatest lessons we teach to the students of the Green LIONS Garden Group is how to grow plants without the use of harmful chemicals. By diligently monitoring the presence of pests and the balance of beneficial predator insects, and by strengthening our plants with natural fertilizers like compost and companion plants students understand that there is no need to take the short-cut, chemical route. Nature takes care of you if you take care of it.

So as we move into mosquito season, we thought this would be a great time to translate the care of the garden to the care of our bodies. If we take care of our health, our bodies will take care of us.

Many body care products are full of harmful chemicals. While a little of this and a little of that can be benign in small doses, in the end most people use a little of a lot of different things which can add up in a hurry. If you are interested in determining if your favorite products are safe for you and safe for the earth, you can visit This site is a vast database of information on products we use on our body, in our body, in our home and more.

Students were apothecaries for a day by making their own bug repellant spray and (if that doesn’t work) bug bite balm to take the itch and sting away and expedite healing.

The two recipes couldn’t be simpler and we have provided them below. Consider looking into what other body care products and cleaning supplies you can make on your own. There are multiple sites with recipes and you’ll soon see how easy and economical it can be. Enjoy!

Herbal Bug Repellant Spray

Fill a pump bottle (we used 2 oz. amber glass spray bottles, but you can go bigger) half way with distilled water. Fill the remainder of the bottle almost full with witch hazel, leaving a little room for essential oils.

For our 2 oz. bottles we used three drops each citronella, rosemary, lavender and cinnamon essential oils. For a larger bottle you can add more. You may also want to try other oils like eucalyptus or lemon.

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