Thursday, January 26, 2012

Community Spotlight

We are starting a new feature on our blog. Periodically we will feature a selected spotlight on a farm or vendor in our community who raises or sells local and organic products.
This week we are featuring...

Virginia Garden Organic Grocery owned by Michele Shean

How long have you been in business? What inspired you to go into the business of selling organic food?
I am a farmer and I grew my business from a seed. I did not borrow money to start my business. I just put all the money I made back into the business. I’ve been in the organic food business since I was 16. I worked at a salad bar my Mom owned. I’ve always fed people food that is good for them. But now I sell food that is really good for them. People make themselves well with good food.

Can you tell us about Polyface Farm meats and eggs that sell?
Organic food is the very best, especially when you know the person who grew the food for you and you like them. That is why I sell Polyface Farm products. I like the kind of people they are and I know they tell me the truth. Their cows are pastured and eat grass. I see them eating it when I go to the farm to pick up my order. Polyface is a leader in the Good Food Revolution. Together we provide Tidewater the best quality food available.

Do you grow any of the food you sell? What do you have right now that is produced locally?
I sell 40% local food, that is a lot. I have prepared foods that are grown locally and prepared for you. All of our prepared foods have local ingredients. Our farm has been chemical-free for 30 years. You can taste the difference. You can feel the difference.

Visit Virginia Garden Organic Grocery’s site at . Print out a coupon for 10% off your entire order at 

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