Monday, January 9, 2012

The Student View

Today students spent some quiet time updating their garden journals. A few students gathered in the computer lab to add comments to our blog. Click on “comments” below on this post or earlier posts to read about their experience in the GLGG program.


  1. I like to draw pictures and write in my garden journal!I write about changes in the garden.

  2. Garden club is the best and the first club i have been in.It is a good club to be in if you like nature and animals.Also, if you are a gentel person it is great.We did a lot of very great projecets this year like bird feeders and pinecone turkeys.Also, we had a family farm come in and show us a goat and we made wash cloth saop bars made out of sheep wool and homemade saop from lavender and other flowers and fregrants.