Sunday, October 6, 2013

Saving More Than Seeds

At the last meeting of the Green LIONS Garden Group students learned about plants in detail. First we discussed the different parts of plants that exist and are edible. We explored different fruits and vegetables we eat and tried to classify them as these different parts of the plant. Did you know that a white potato is actually considered a stem? Not a root?

We also learned how plants make their own food through absorption of sunlight and carbon dioxide from the air and how they go on to make more plants, if allowed, by forming flowers that then spread seeds. Using seed pods collected from our Spring and Summer gardens, students separated seeds from tatsoi, arugula, calendula, cilantro, lavender, dill and scarlet runner beans. We will germinate these seeds in the Spring to use in our Spring garden, completing the plant cycle.

Students divided up into their garden bed teams to begin the process of completing multiple tasks of garden maintenance. Each student on a team will be given a chance to be team leader. The team leader must assign tasks to the other team members, trying not to repeat tasks week to week for a team member. The team leader is also responsible for making sure all tasks are completed and that all tools used are cleaned and put away before the meeting’s end. This is a wonderful opportunity for learning skills in leadership, time management and organization.

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