Friday, October 11, 2013

Sprouting Creativity

The Green LIONS Garden Group met on Tuesday to tend the garden and get their creative juices flowing. After touring the garden area with observant eyes, students brainstormed in groups to create garden hike signs for the first Linkhorn Green Route and to build a game to entice visitors to explore the garden area and all its bounty.

Ideas for hike signs ranged from highlighting strawberry plants and blueberry bushes, to spicy radishes, to the types of trees our stump circle stumps were cut from. Not only did the students learn about the garden area more in detail, but they collaborated with the artwork and text on each sign. Beaming smiles showed how proud they all were of their creations. Look for our Linkhorn Green Route in the garden area soon!

We also created a Vitamin and Mineral Code game to invite the whole school to enjoy learning about the health benefits of each fruit and vegetable growing in the garden. Students made code cards for each plant that visitors much match to a master sheet showing what each powerful vitamin and mineral can do for our bodies, creating a fun way to get excited about nutrition.

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